Field Network

Field work is
the cornerstone
of the research

That is why the process of taking information is carried out in REDCA MK RESEARCH
with strict rigor, governed by ethical codes for the associations to which we belong.


>We have a team of interviewers to our CATI system with 33 posts, mounted on powerful servers own systems using Linux + Windows Server, which ensures the speed and stability of the processes. Our broadband connection with SHDSL technology allows us a fast and secure access to the internet that gives us the development of jobs online with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Our Team

The team of REDCA MK RESEARCH is composed of 26 pollsters stable (with long-term and short term contracts), 2 supervisors, 1 overseer in quality control, 2 responsible for delegations and 2 field coordinators.

Within our field network we have a team of bilingual interviewers who develop their activities in the tourism market in: German, English, French and Italian.


The team is structured around 2 delegations situated in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This structure allows us a great productive capacity at the same time as an optimal level of diversification in the methods and techniques of data collection always under the protection of a single training and work discipline.abajo.


Each office has its own team of surveyors and shares the quality control manager. Each one of them is coordinated by member of staff responsible for delegation that is responsible for ensuring compliance with the standards of quality and of the processes of preparation and collection of data from the various investigations to achieve an effective enforcement of deadlines.


REDCA MK RESEARCH complies with all legislation relevant to recruitment and quotation in existing social security in the Spanish state, all their workers having received the relevant information relating to occupational safety and health according to the legislation in this regard.

Quality Assurance

100% of the surveys are scanned by the Quality Assurance team. At the same time, in each study all the interviewers participants are thoroughly supervised, sometimes in presential mode and other times by telephone.

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